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vaioLinux on the Sony VAIO FX/FXA series

Here you can find out, how to get linux running on a Sony VAIO FX405 and other AMD Duron/Athlon based VAIO notebooks, including the FX401, FX501/FX505, FX601/FX605, FX701/FX705 and FX801/FX805. Please note, that Intel based models (e.g. FX403, FX503) are NOT covered here!

At this place I also want to say thanks to all the people who wrote me mails and gave me feedback!

You can contact me at vaio [at] Remove the NO-SPAM from the email address.


2009-02-26: Mailing list removed
2006-04-14: Another (technical) design update
2005-05-21: My Vaio is dead. The mainboard (replaced a year before!) has some defect, causing hard freezes after a few minutes.
2004-09-10: Design updated (strict separation of content and style)
2004-04-03: Touchpad scrolling information added, new kernel 2.6 .config, links updated
2003-12-21: Updated precompiled kernel to 2.4.23!
2003-12-05: Added a section about Sony support and updated the section about the modem drivers
2003-04-26: Added a link to Alexander Jordan's Homepage and updated the tips page (gkrellm cputemp plugin)!
2003-04-13: New page design!
2002-08-14: New kernel with Ext3, ACPI-2002-07-26, swsusp v11 and 8139too from 2.4.19!
2002-07-14: I finally managed to open up a mailing list :) Send an empty mail with subject "subscribe" to
2002-07-04: A firmware update to make the harddisk make less noise is now available!
2002-06-02: There is a working modem driver available NOW! See the modem section for more information.


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