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suse-get - SuSE Linux RPM download tool

suse-get is a simple tool that helps downloading of RPM packages that are going to be installed on a SuSE machine.


This is an example of using suse-get:

markus@tweety:~/projects/suse-get> ./suse-get apache
Please choose one
1) ./suse/i586/apache-1.3.27-38.i586.rpm
2) ./suse/i586/apache-example-pages-1.3.27-38.i586.rpm
3) ./suse/i586/apache2-2.0.44-32.i586.rpm
4) ./suse/i586/apache2-example-pages-2.0.44-32.i586.rpm
5) ./suse/i586/apache-contrib-1.0.9-577.i586.rpm
6) ./suse/i586/apache-devel-1.3.27-38.i586.rpm
7) ./suse/i586/apache-doc-1.3.27-38.i586.rpm
8) ./suse/i586/apache2-devel-2.0.44-32.i586.rpm
9) ./suse/i586/apache2-doc-2.0.44-32.i586.rpm
10) ./suse/i586/apache2-jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.1.18-25.i586.rpm
11) ./suse/i586/apache2-mod_perl-1.99_08-23.i586.rpm
12) ./suse/i586/apache2-mod_php4-4.3.1-24.i586.rpm
13) ./suse/i586/apache2-prefork-2.0.44-32.i586.rpm
14) ./suse/i586/apache2-worker-2.0.44-32.i586.rpm

Just type in the number to get the named RPM. It will be downloaded and saved in the current directory. The switch "-i" can be used to install the downloaded package.


The current version is not able to resolve dependencies. If you would like to have suse-get like apt-get, look at the apt4rpm page. Maybe I'll implement dependency functionality, but since I'm using bash it will be kind of slow which is maybe not the 'right' thing.

There is also a CHANGELOG available.


Version tar.bz2 RPM README Release Date
0.4 suse-get-0.4.tar.bz2 suse-get-0.4-0.noarch.rpm README Sat Jan 10 2004
0.3 suse-get-0.3.tar.bz2 suse-get-0.3-0.noarch.rpm README Tue Dec 23 2003
0.2 suse-get-0.2.tar.bz2 suse-get-0.2-0.noarch.rpm README Sun Dec 21 2003
0.1 suse-get-0.1.tar.bz2 suse-get-0.1-0.noarch.rpm README Sun May 04 2003

Written by Markus Gaugusch <suse-get at>