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xe - eXtract Everything!

XE is a little tool to replace the various commands needed to exctract different types of archives.
No more guessing: tar xzvf - tar xjvf - tar xIvf - unzip - gunzip - which one was it?! Let xe do the work!

Just do
xe archive.tar.gz
etc! XE is only a little bash script, and should work on every distro and platform.

Supported file formats

XE autodetects and supports the following file formats:
  • tar.gz, tgz
  • tar.bz2, tbz, tb2
  • zip
  • gz
  • bz2
  • src.rpm


Version tar.bz2 RPM README Release Date
0.1 xe-0.1.tar.bz2 xe-0.1-0.noarch.rpm README Mon Jun 22 2002

Inside xe

XE gets the file type from the extension of the file. Files with wrong extension (e.g. tar.gz, but already gunzip'ed) are not recognised right now. I'll add this functionality on demand.

Contact me, if you have any suggestions or other interesting information regarding xe: xe at gaugusch at. I speak german and english.